Ok, since I am a swede and endure 7-8 months of cold weather every single year, my summer wardrobe is not my main focus. 
Because of this prioritazion the same challenge awaits me every summer and every vacation - what should I wear!? 

To prepare myself better this year I have already started to look for bikinis. I like them with color but it might be good with some classics too. I am not a big spender when it comes to beach wear, I use 1 or 2 bikinis. Rather one that I really like than 5 that are only "ok".

Lindex, a swedish brand, sometimes has some hidden gems in their collections like the following pieces. Check it out at Lindex.se

Both a swimsuit and a bikini

Lindex Shop Online - Baddräkt med shaping

Lindex Shop Online - Balconette BH

källa: Bild från Lindex Shop Online.

Or something with prints. Found these at Nelly

In blue


Or the Jamaica style

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  1. where is the ruffled biking from? you labeled it "Frenchy"?