When I was in Prague I jumped on the subway headed for the suburbs just to visit the only open TON-store on a sunday.

The No 14 chair from Thonet really cought the attention of swedish homes a couple of years ago. At first they were really expensive, even the old ones were sold to high bids on auctions. 

Lately all swedish well known retailers have offered customers the same chair from the Czech company TON for a more human price. (In Czech republic they are amazingly cheap)

 I do not know the exact history concerning their manufacturing and patent but there has been discussion about which one is the "real" and authentic Thonet chair (as all popular design furniture). All I know is that the TON-company derives from a fabric who have been manufacturing these famous chairs and have done so the last 150 years.

In Sweden the classic Vienna-chair could be bought at a price of about 140 euros at for example my favorite e-shops for furniture and interior design, the wonderful Artelleriet or Länna Möbler, but if you visit the company GOODS and order more than 4 chairs, it is about 90 euros per chair.

Picture: Goods

Picture: Artelleriet

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