NEWS! LONDON- Carmen Busquets the founding investor in Net-a-Porter and amongst the first professional investors to see and seize the fashion e-commerce opportunity more than a decade ago, has entered the fast-growing fashion “re-commerce” space.

BuyMyWardrobe offers something additional to just a resale service. 

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Carmen Busquets

"I never buy resale clothing because I don’t know who the person selling it is, but if I know the women behind the wardrobes I would feel more comfortable buying it and wearing it” (Busquets)

“BuyMyWardrobe has built a community of real women to whom the customer can relate. The great thing is that the money that sellers make on the site, they often decide to re-invest in purchases from other seller’s wardrobes creating a circle of buying and selling within the community. It is financially effective and sustainable at the same time”

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