I just found out that a besabled friend has started her own venture. She has come up with the fantastic idea of an eco and human friendly laundry product.

In her own words:

CARE&S Fashion Care is a new laundry product for people who feel responsible for the environment and love beauty. 
CARE&S is packaged in hyper-concentrated single-dose-form to prevent overdosing. It does not contain surfactants, phosphates, perfume, optical brightener or bleach, but functions with organic enzymes. 
100% biodegradable 
Cleans well at low temperatures
Non-toxic and harmless to ingest

Read more here 

It's so easy to try to live a more sustainable life by starting with the most difficult things, but sometimes you forget the more simple paths to change - like learning how to dose you laundry detergent right. Take care of your garments and make them your favorites.

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